MAD Wizard of oz underpass

A group of young lads from Tinkers Bridge and Bletchley decided it was high time the underpass from Simpson to Tinkers needed a fresh mural after the old one was destroyed some years ago by a car on fire.

The lads applied for a grant through M.A.D.(make a difference) from the Community Cash Point Group whom release monies into the community for projects which improve the look of different areas around the borough.

 After a fair bit of research it was decided upon that the wizard of oz theme would look ace down the underpass and the local school children who pass through should be familiar with the characters .The lads then contacted Arkade Graphics for some assistance in the execution of the planned mural.

The painting of the walls took 6 days due to the various commitments of the artists involved, the lads put in so much effort and im glad that every single person who came through the underpass  expressed how much they liked it , it made it all worth while.

On the other side of the underpass’ the artists expressed themselves by doing their own piece’s of art of their choice which also came out fantastically.

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