Total Dojo

It seemed fitting to paint the Thai reclining budda in the Thai boxing gym and was well received and appreciated by instructors and students alike , especially those who remember it from the background of a famous arcade game.

Round 1 , . . . Fight !

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Two Mile ash School

During the summer break the TMAschool had lots of interior improvements made to the school.

This included some visual decorations by myself here at arkadegraphics.

My favorite so far is the waterfall corner brightening the previously dull corner where a now very popular water fountain is : )

Changing room decor consisted of  names of cities that have hosted Olympic games . . . . .

Boys and girls toilets indicated with lettering and cartoon children. . . . .

There are other bits around the school which i will add on at a later date.

The modern style of the decoration seems to have made the children excited to be back in the school environment and were hoping it will make them treat the school building better and have even more pride in their school.

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Bradville Animals

I was asked to add something tasteful to a neglected area in Bradville , Surely everyone likes snails ? ?

After the snails warm reception i decided to push the boat out and try a pheasant.

There are more to follow. . . . . . .

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Simpson School

Simpson School children produced designs for the school hall wall based around the idea of a coat of arms featuring various elements from each house and year group.The winning designs were combined to create the fabulous finished article with the children producing flower stencils which represent each house and adding them to the finished piece.

An art work was also created for the bike shed with the students adding leaves using a stencil technique.

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Hackney Academy

Four pieces of art work were created by year 9 students from Hackney Academy.

The art works were inspired by the London riots of 2011 and the works were developed and executed by the young people of Hackney and surrounding areas who attend the Academy.

The Academy art department hired Arkadegraphics to over see and direct the year 9 students alongside members of the schools staff . The finished artworks were displayed in a pop up gallery on Chatsworth road nearby and were well received by the public audience.

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Little Paws Nursery

The Little Paws shed was decorated with lots of multi coloured paw prints which were applied by all the children from the nursery with the help of their parents.

Arkade Graphics then painted animal cartoon characters around the sides of the shed and the Nursery’s logo on the front.

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Tyler’s Terminator Bedroom

Tyler from Total Dojo wanted his bedroom painted up with his name and a terminator style robot.

So Kade and Oren got to work.

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